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Ron Dror

Ron Dror is an Associate Professor of Computer Science in the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab. He is also affiliated with the departments of Structural Biology and of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, Bio-X, ChEM-H, and the Biophysics and Biomedical Informatics Programs.

Dr. Dror leads a research group that uses machine learning and molecular simulation to elucidate biomolecular structure, dynamics, and function and to guide the development of more effective medicines. He collaborates extensively with experimentalists in both academia and industry. Before moving to Stanford, he served as second-in-command of D. E. Shaw Research, a hundred-person company, having joined as its first hire.

Dr. Dror earned a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, where he developed machine learning methods for computer vision and genomics. He earned an MPhil in Biological Sciences as a Churchill Scholar at the University of Cambridge, as well as undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University, summa cum laude. He has published over 30 papers in Nature, Science, and Cell and has won several Gordon Bell Prizes and Best Paper Awards.